Aimee Molloy’s, The Perfect Mother; Book Review


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In my Point of View Book Review

The perfect mother does not exist period point blank. Nobody that exist is on this very planet is perfect of any kind. This book highlights the perspective of the unwritten rules, suggestive do’s and do nots of how to be a mother and the expectations of being the “perfect mother” along with what to expect from your baby boy or baby girl. The overall unrealistic rule book for motherhood. I absorbed the goodness of this work of literature by the form of an audiobook and loved every minute. Each time I tuned into this book, day by day, I felt closer to the characters thru the voice of the narrator. This book kept me wanting more with each chapter, a truR, page turner. I must admit this fiction literature, suspense and mystery is a true psychological thriller.

Winnie the mother at hand did her best at motherhood and of course any loving mother would not even think to wish such a thing into existence; child abduction during one night out on the town. A complete violation to her household, her as a mother and her baby boy; Midas. Mothers are not completely and endlessly obligated to have their baby attached to their hip. Winnie and the other mothers did nothing wrong by going out together to socialize and gather to have fun without the babies. They simply wanted to let their hair down and take a deep breath from the hustle and bustle of motherhood. The extreme level of judgement placed among the mothers is outrageous, how dare society for once think that mother should not have a life besides their babies for one night. The twist that ended this novel touched various levels of mental health.

This is Molly’s first novel and my first audio experience I must say this a wonderful book.

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  1. Seem like a very interesting book. Great thoughts about being the perfect mother.. many people have different versions of motherhood. All have a different effect on the mind as a whole..

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