Complexion Complex aka Colorism


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What is Complexion? It is universally defined as the natural color, texture, and appearance of the skin, especially of the face. Wherever there is skin there is complexion.

Skin is a complex component of the human body, so it sure ain’t simple (considering its many layers of cells and social misconceptions).
Complexion has been the talk of the town for ages. This talk has escalated over time to the point that one’s complexion is now a color, just as one would describe a shoe or something …
People are divided into groups because of their “color“. And this happens whether we like it or not. The trippy thing about it is, that it has totally become the norm like many and nearly all things the

the abnormal is the norm

And of course the norm spreads like wild fire, starting in the first school of all people:


With Family and Loved Ones.

In my perspective, Home is a major source of the Complexion Complex (amongst other physical and mental dynamics). But Most importantly a person’s Home is filled with the mindsets of the people in the household.
We as a people, Black people; of many different beautiful lands and cultures did not originate from separation and downgrading because of complexion.
It’s a learned mentality.
It’s sadly mindblowing, that fact that many people are still stuck in the mentality; that they have been programmed to be in. The mere belief of one complexion being more beautiful and valuable than another. From the era of slavery and beyond, Blacks have been separated because of complexion.
And so with this mentality being embedded into a person’s historical memory bank it has sadly become a part of their present day nature to seperate people because of their complexion.
Now the flipside of all of this is the fact that it is not limited to just happening at school, work, in public places etc. The main place it takes place is Home. Grandparents, parents, aunt, cousins, uncles, siblings on and on have been passed down this mentality through the womb. This is basically unsolved trauma of many generations that lives loud and clear in their present day life.

Complexion Complex

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