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Dear Marley

To be honest, You came into my life unexpectedly. You were a surprise from my boyfriend because I love having an animal in my home. In his research he discovered that you would great match for me and me for you. When you arrived into my life, I was far from even thinking about someone like you in my life at the moment. You are small, furry, energetic, funny and nocturnal like me. You have a big appetite, small tummy & huge cheeks on occasion.

In the beginning,

I was very nervous to hold you, and of course you didn’t know who I was or what the heck was going on. It is a fact for all petmoms to allow about 1 to 2 weeks for your furbabies to adjust to his/her surroundings. But in that timeframe, I talked to you, so you can get familiar with my voice. I placed my hand on and in the cage, so you could get a whiff of my scent. I fed you, Oxbow and Carnival (top shelf food for you … Yummy in Your Tummy) aand you drank your one and only favorite; Water. We set up your mini palace with chew toys, a wheel or two, a mini hideaway hut. And over the months I have learned that you enjoy the fast food carb drink-holders in your mini palace; without the drinks.

Marley you are a true gem to have in our family. I truly appreciate having you. It’s fun learning to be gentle with you, as you are so delicate and sweet. On the contrary, many people look down on you and stereotype you as a creepy rodent. I have grown to adore you for the true being that you are. You are definitely more than just rodent and you are not a rat.

You are our Marley,

The Greatest Hamster On Earth


Love Always

Your Fur Mom Victoria

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