Domestic Violence as the world turns


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In this world of today and yesterday there are so many things to write about, to chat about, to talk about, to chop it up about …

In my world of everyday there are more than many things to write about, to chat about, to talk about to visually:artistically:poetically express

Thru the my canvas and thru my eyes.
My words are My Art.
My Art is My Art.
My words of art is art.
Thank you for your love and support and tuning in to my ocean of words.
In this world of today apart from other recognitions and celebrations October has become the month that Domestic Violence is addressed, recognized and catered to and more…
People march and shout.
People protest and scream.
People rally and yell.
People present presentations.
People develop and produce documentaries, nonfiction movies, commercials, television shows and more …
People recite new highlights and statistics.
People keep quiet on the topic
and while people are doing all these things
Someone is getting abused in some shape form or fashion
each millisecond
Each day
Each hour
Each minute
Each week
Each month
For every blink you blink
Someone is getting abused in some shape form or fashion
Whether it be
Whether we as a community/society
Whether we as a People
Want to face it or not
It is happening
Not only to WOMEN but to MEN and CHILDREN… HUMANS but I’ll stick to the adults for this post
Over the years of human existence the ill minds of humans, have grown into the commonality of Domestic Violence. . .
More common than butter on toast or wearing black to a funeral … … …
Many adult men and women of various ages abuse their spouse/domestic partner/lovers/loved one/jump offs/mistress or whomever they “so-called” love or like; as if it is the cool and “loving” thing to do.
In their mind it is the right thing to do.
In their mind he/she must abuse in order to fit in the world of people that believe that this is the way one should treat a loved one/human being/spouse/domestic partner/lovers/jump offs/mistress or whomever they “so-called” love or like …
Domestic Violence is a very touchy topic … it involves touching of some sort… but that does not mean that I will not touch it …
Domestic Violence is more than, not touching a hot stove. A stove is meant to get hot… its a heating appliance
A human being is not meant to be abused in any shape, form or fashion by the ripple affect of the distorted/contorted ill minds resulting in victimisation or intimate survival topped off by “I Love You”
The dread-dead-full saga continues as the world turns
Speak up
Comfort your sisters and brothers
Keep Blossoming

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