Amazing NYC Subway Dancers or NYC Train Twerkers


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Hey hey My Blossoms

How are doing? I hope all is well with you and your loved ones.

There are a slew of societal topics that can be addressed but I been writing and drafting this post for some time now, so here we go …

NYC train conductor says

Stand clear of the closing doors please!

And the shanangins begin…

Click here to view an Imperial Hip Hop Videos

Although many of today’s world would say don’t question or ask why to anyone about when and where they are doing whatever they are doing. Many of today’s world would prefer all individuals to be concerned with oneself. However, everyone is entitled to their point of view and so my point of view is as follows …

My point of view consist of a concern for the souls of the women performing in such a matter and all men and women watching on their devices; the message being delivered. And by the power of energy: to the eggs resting inside of the dancing women that have the potential to birth another human being (by choice).

Yes women do hold the power of Birth.

Yes women are strong and resilient.

Yes women are emotional, it’s our nature plus we are humans.

Yes women are a force of nature.

So why do some women go through the means to present themselves in such a degrading manner. Degrading in a sense that we come from the creation of pure individual excellence and perfection.

We as a people, as Black woman are daughters of the Almighty and Merciful Jah/God.

We as a people, as Black woman are daughters of the Unique and Phenomenal Universe.

So many Black woman want to scream and shout about their Queendom from the belly of their lungs on the highest mountain but reflect the clear opposite of what they scream and shout.

Think about this for a second

What is the true purpose of dressing in intimate apparel and dancing as such on a public train?

What is the true purpose of using your body in order for money to be tossed at you. Money is a thing made of paper; paper that has this world, that we live in feaning and hypnotized for nnumerous unhealthy reasons.

Why do people throw money at strippers aka exotic dancers?

One reason is because they do not care about or respect the dancer or their money’s value.

The dancer and the money are just two frivolous things that can come and go in their lives.

Yes the dancer is human and has feelings about things and people.

But how can anyone see these things, as the human is twerking and gyrating their bodies around in the most dingy and raunchiest places that were created by man.

Let’s chat. Comment below. Be respectful and considerate of everyone’s voice of opinion.

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