The Joy of Frankencise and Myrrah 🧜🏽‍♀️💛💖🧜🏽‍♀️

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Good Day My Blossoms
Today is the day I share with you my joy for smell goods. I am talking about
The beautiful scents of essential and perfumed body oils. And let me not forget to mention the numerous oils that mimick fruity aromas.

One of my favorite oils at the moment is

Frankencise and Myrrh

To be honest I never thought I would would be the one to rave about it. In the beginning, I would smell it somewhere in the air… it honestly drove me insane… like elk.
It honestly took my breath away by surprise…

Now I am utterly grateful for its existence.
Now, when I wear me some Frankencise and Myrrh I step out like …

Overall, Frankencise and Myrrh has numerous benefits, healing, biblical, spiritually and mentally.

Most of all it makes me feel good …

So good…
And so my Blossoms I encourage you all to find your favorite scent and enjoy the joy it brings you …
What’s your favorite scent to wear?

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