The Power of Self-Love around the World


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Good Morning My Blossoms

Thoughts have arised and so I share with you…

. . . Majority of your physical life is based on your outer self; but your outer self is a reflection of on your inner self and how you decide to express your inner self out loud (aka appearance o style o fashion o makeup; which are all physical, blah blah blah)
Yes, your out loud self is a reflection of your inner self.

and yes there are times when individuals have to put up a darn good fight against their inner self, sometimes they lose and sometimes they win, personality battles against the nature and nurture of who you really are.

Yet, of course, this leads to the everyday inner-outer battle of self-confidence. And on top of it all there are some people that have to fight others inside of them dor their sanity.
And like all other things many begin with self aka you.

Selfish, Selfrespect, Selfcare, Selfconfidence, selfhood, selfhelp, selfworth, selflove, selfpleasure, selfless and yes the list goes on and on ...

These things begin with self but majority of the times, they are greatly influenced or defined by others. There is no self without others. There are no others without self.
Whether we like it or not.

All people have the spirit of self that must be comforted and nurtured in order to stay and be oneself.

There is a such thing as vanity, yet if you don’t care for you then who will.
Yes o I know you say that their are special others that will take care of you and there are some special people that you may question …

but no matter how much and how they do, it all boils down to how you treat and care for yourself.

If you dont treat and care for you, how will others learn to treat and care for you. You are your own example.
So bring on the vanity, all over yourself and bask in the beauty of your existence, the purpose of your being, the fire within yourself and the thankfulness to keep living.
Take care of yourself for you.

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Love Mama AFROpink

2 thoughts on “The Power of Self-Love around the World”

  1. How I express myself on the outside I have to learn how to let my inner self out. Be more open not just comfortable with what I show of myself. I should just be comfortable with all of me and put it out there. Your so right about our outer self is a reflection of our inner self its our reactions and thoughts.

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