Weapons of Mass Positivity

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There are many times when someone gets in your way … literally all in ya grill with the main goal of stopping you from doing something that you really want to do.
He or she will build giant blocks of danger blocking you in.
He or she will build a tall fence around yourself.
He or she will build a wide body of water drowning you underwater.
He or she will build a long scroll of criticisms against you in all the worst ways possible.
As a result of all things considered this person is YOU.
You are the biggest person in your own way.
And yes it takes a ton of weapons of mass positivity to fight You off of You.
You must dig deep within yourself and violently fight from the guts of your soul to continue to be YOU. The unique and loving you that you are. Each day is a progress as you let go of the You that gets all in ya grill.
Be Proud to be YOU.
Be the amazing YOU that you are.
Keep Blossoming day by day because everyday is a day of growth and a true honor to be You.
Remember that you are a true inspiration so Continue to exist as you bloom night and day; moonlight, sunlight, stardust …
Thank you for being You πŸ’›
Thank you for your love & support πŸ’›
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  1. I love this! I just wrote a piece on positivity! Keep writing and inspiring xoxo Christal

    1. Xoxo thank you for your love and support

  2. Carla says:

    Weapons of mass positivity.. love it!

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