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Hey hey hey My Blossoms

What’s up? Ever wonder about the meaning of your name ? Or why your parents or the people in your life named you what they did when they did? If so look it up and stand firm in its meaning. I say if you can not find the meaning anywhere then make up your own and stand firm in it. Ya dig.

My art business name has a combination of meanings …

Mama Afropink


Mama is a nickname for mother or woman.

Mama is embedded in my spirit; to nurture, support, embrace, empower, inspire humans of all ages.

Afro is hairstyle of tight curls in a full evenly rounded shape.

An afro is radical, strong, confident, unique and so much more.

The meaning of the color Pink is
unconditional love and nurturing

Pink represents compassion and hope.

Pink is affectionate, caring and calming.

Cick the link to read more of the color psychology and other facts about pink … http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/color-pink.html

As a woman the most that I can do; is do my divine bestgu as I continue to learn to be the woman that I am destined to be.

All in all, I combined three things that scream the to the world my personality

I am a woman with a nurturing and creative spirit who loves to touch the souls of many through the power of art.

I am Mama Afropink


Thank you all for your support


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What does your name mean?

Let’s chat in the comments.


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