Why I Blog ?

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In my 🌊 Ocean of Life
It’s amazing how much time I spend in my mind …
Just Thinking
Just Thinking about what to write
Instead of Just Writing
I ponder more on the thought of a writing topic for me to passionately expound and for you to enjoy reading
Than Just Writing or better yet
Just Blogging plainly
Just Sharing with you and my Internet Notebook 🤗
… … ..
I write because it is my Destiny to be the voice and heart of those who do not write poetically …
I write because as I write I become at peace as calmness ignites the joy of my soul …
I write to show my appreciation and gratitude for the blessing of creative expression …
On the flipside I am consciously unconsciously in my own way …
Yet as most artistic individuals are
We tend to be our worst critics to the point of natural hibernation and incognito tabs of creations …
And while we practice such comfortable habits of artist existence the Universe whispers in a loud voice … … ..

My Love, You Must Rise Above the Waves …
There’s no time for you to stop.
There’s no time for you to give up.
There’s definitely no time for you to quit.
In this very Reality of all things
Your life cycle is Bright and each Twinkle of Darkness Needs You to Shine ☀🌟⭐☉

And so …
In My Ocean of Life … I will continue to Shine
And so …
In My Ocean of Life … I will continue to Rise Above the Waves.

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