Move your body like a YOGA DANCER


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Hey hey my Blossoms

Let me be honest… I love to workout, whether it be step aerobics, yoga, conditional and/or strenthing stretching, dance or jump rope. Exercise/Workout/Movement/Stretching is essential for everyone regardless of body type or weight. It is also very good and healthy for mental and emotional health.

A person with a small frame and weight by the eye of the beholder, may appear like “he or she doesn’t need to exercise/workout because of his/her small frame and weight”. I mean just because a person has a small frame, age and weight less than yours does not make he/she exempt from working out/exercise/movement/stretching to be physically fit.

I am not a yogi or fitness expert, I am a woman with the heart of a yoga dancer and much more.

I listen to my body and stretch and flow to my own drum. There is true beauty and inspiration in Exercise/Workout/Movement/Stretching regardless of one’s frame or weight.

I encourage you to move to beat of your drum and find your rhythm because if you dont move ya body as it truly needs; your body will crush and burn. When I don’t move my body I immediately feel the consequences of not doing so.

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